Eric Goldmanís Favorite Cyberspace Law Resources



This is a list of the resources that I consistently use to keep up-to-date in cyberspace law developments.While I use all of these resources regularly (along with many others), if I had to pick my most heavily-used resources, Iíd pick and the BNA email list.


Web Pages


AOLís Decisions and Litigation page.My secret resource for finding case law.

Cornellís Legal Information Institute.Where I go to get statutes.

C|Netís daily reading. Newsstand.A good aggregation of links.Links are updated during the day and organized alphabetically (not by time), so it can be a little frustrating finding new additions.

Perkins Coie Internet Case Digest.Deep summary of case law, but limited links to the full-text of the cases, and there is random coverage of cases.

David Sorkinís Spam Laws page.The only website I trust for information on spam laws.


Email Lists


Baker & McKenzieís E-Law List.Great international coverage of new developments in both telecom and Internet law.

BNAís Internet Law News.This is a wonderful daily resource of news and developments in cyberspace law.While it can be redundant with other sources, itís a great foundational resource.

CNI-Copyright.If youíre a copyright wonk, youíll love this list.Otherwise, it can be maddeningly arcane and redundant.

Cyberia-l. A very noisy list often filled with personal attacks and irrelevant rants, but still a key resource for seeing what others are thinking about.Also, it attracts a fair number of engineers and other non-lawyers.

Cyberprof.A restricted entry list (only available to professors of cyberspace law) operated by Professor Mark Lemley of Boalt.



Last updated April 2002